Naples' first and only full service executive protection company.

Areas of Service

  • Armed executive protection

    • Qualified experienced discreetly armed executive protection specialist.  Certified in a range of firearms and personal defense weapons for your complete protection and peace of mind.
  • Residential security (RST)

    • Permanently positioned close protection officer assigned to oversee the security and smooth running of the residence.  
  • Driver (left hand & right hand)

    • Multi disciplined security driver trained in route planning, comfort management, mindful of local laws and speed limits, escape and evade tactics.
  • Ship Security Officer

    • Close protection officer qualified and experienced in the safety, security and smooth running of any sized ship whether in port or at sea.
  • Personal assistant

    • Someone who plans and coordinates all relevant elements of a clients requirements of a business or personal nature.  
  • Emissary

    • Acting as an ambassador for the client the emissary will precisely follow instructions directly from the client and present themselves anywhere in the world on behalf of the client.
  • Proxy

    • As a legal substitute for the client a proxy will act as a stand in for the client in all matters directed to by the client anywhere in the world.  
  • Courier - local, national and international

    • Security specialist who will take possession of all materials directed from the client and deliver to a verified receiver under strict verification criteria anywhere in the world.  
  • Travel coordinator - local, national and international

    • Security specialist who will oversee all aspects of trip planning.
  • Golf caddie

    • An individual trained in golf course etiquette and able to participate as a partner if desired.
  • Snow ski buddy

    • Security specialist with skiing experience to escort the client safely on the slopes.
  • Tennis partner

    • A partner for the courts.