Qualifications and Experience


 Ronin Sa 2006 Graduate 

  • Close Protection Officer NVQ Level 5
  • Tactical Use of Firearms x 5
  • Tactical and Evasive Driving
  • Surveillance, Counter Surveillance and Anti Surveillance
  • Close Protection Walking Drills
  • Room Clearance
  • Remote Medic Assistant
  • Taser X26
  • First Aid/AED Certified

MAST UK 2010

  • Ship Security Officer (SSO)
  • Anti-piracy 
  • Power boat level 2

Rubicon UK 2003

  • Close Protection Training

World kickboxing association 2001

  • Kickboxing Instructor




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Close Protection Officer



Laurence R. Kennedy

Since 2001 Laurence has been working in the global private security industry.  Positions have included Team Leader, Close Protection Officer, Secure Courier, Residential Security Team Member, Retail Front of House Security, Ship Security Officer, Driver, Proxy, and more.  The majority of clients are ultra high net worth (UHNW) individuals who require special attention and effort.  Laurence has provided the highests levels of protection from locations including the golf courses of southwest Florida, shopping sprees on Rodeo Drive, the Monaco Grand Prix, London and Paris fashion weeks, Cannes Film Festival, the Fort Lauderdale boat show.   Throughout his career Laurence has worked in countries such as the UK, France, Monaco, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Morocco, Dubai, South Africa, Kuwait, Iraq, the USA, Mexico, Ukraine and more. 


  • Security Agency Manager, FL #MB1800074
  • Statewide Firearm License, FL #G1801323
  • Security Officer, FL #D1805869
  • Concealed Weapon or Firearm, FL #W1833363
  • Carry a Concealed Handgun, OH #77-SUM-018785
  • Driver License, USA, FL
  • Driver License, UK
  • Motorbike License, UK